Rat care resources

One of my biggest sources for the promotion of rat care is through a Facebook community I have created, called the rat cage. I created this group for rat owners, and non rat owners, to share photos of rats, and engage in discussion, as well as providing a resource for learning about rat care. There are a series of educational units which are always being added to the group for reference.

I have also created a number of free resources in relation to rat care in the form of sheets/posters. Below you can find downloadable PDF versions.

Rat health check tick sheet

This health check sheet is designed to be a guide for daily health checking of your rats. It is by no means a comprehensive list, and displays the basics. Any abnormal things are marked with a *. If abnormal issues persist or you are in any way concerned about your rat(s), seek veterinary advice.

Download the health check sheet HERE.

This page is updated regularly - more downloadable resources are being created and uploaded to the website.