Meet the artists

Meet the artists behind Toogoods Tiny Paws!

 There are currently 8 artists behind Toogoods Tiny Paws - 7 males and one spayed female.

A question I get asked a lot is 'how do you get them to paint?'

The rats paint canvases in the bath - no water of course!! I put splodges of paint around the canvas, and guide them through and over using a treat - usually baby food or cat yoghurt. The rats get trained to follow a treat/my hand from a young age, so this isn't unusual for them. They get introduced to the paint on numerous occasions before I open up their commissions to the public. I always make sure that the rats are happy and comfortable throughout the process. If the rat doesn't want to walk through paint one day, I will either take another out of the cage so they have company, or we stop and try again another day. The rats are never forced - their happiness and welfare always comes first. They are, first and foremost, my pets, not artists.

Non toxic paint is used, so it does not irritate their skin, and isn't harmful if ingested. After painting, they are gently wiped down with a damp cloth.



Brodie is a very gentle natured rat. He is a siamese harley dumbo, born 15/09/2019. He is slightly shy, but enjoys affection and will happily sleep curled up under your jumper.


Naughty Noodle! Noodle is a hairless dumbo rat, born 03/02/2020. This little guy has a very adventurous personality. He loves to explore, and adores human attention! Once he has finished exploring, he will happily curl up to sleep on his favourite human. Noodle is Albies brother.


Albie is Noodles brother! He is also adventurous, but more laid back than noodle. He is more than happy to cuddle up with his favourite human for a snooze any time of the day! He's a very gentle, loving boy.


Basil is a dove agouti satin silvermane harley dumbo rat! He is Gibbs' great nephew. Basil is slightly nervous around other rats and has his favourite buddies! He is a very sweet, gentle, affectionate rat, very much like his great uncle Gibbs!


Date of birth: 21/09/2020
Variety: Dumbo dove agouti

Henry is a very sweet, gentle boy. He is Ratlins brother, son to my late boy, Turner, also related to my best late boy, Gibbs. He's named after Henry Turner from pirates of the Caribbean. Henry is a beautiful boy and has the most fantastic coat. He's more laid back than his brother, but enjoys running around causing mischief. Henry enjoys digging tunnels in the soil cage substrate.


Date of birth: 21/09/2020
Variety: Top eared agouti

Ratlin is named after a member of Davy Jones' crew! He is Henry's brother, son to my late boy Turner, also related to my best late boy Gibbs.

Ratlin is crazy. He just does not stop. He is first to the cage when he hears my voice, first in line for their bedtime treat, and always causes mischief. You'll usually find him running on the wheel whilst everyone else is asleep!


Date of birth: September 2020
Variety: Top eared cinnamon rex

Nagini is my only female rat - shes spayed so can live with my boys without us being overrun with hundreds of babies! She is a very sweet, gentle girl who loves exploring. Her name means snake, as she was bred by a feeder breeder who was giving up, so I took her on. She is a lovely rat, very soft and inquisitive.